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Top Dollar Paid for All forms of SILVER
Paid in 48hrs or Less!

We guarantee to have your
payment in the mail within 48
hours of receiving your silver!
Highest Payout Guaranteed

If you are unhappy with your
payment please return our check
for a full return of your items
within (12) days.
Request a free shipping label!
When SilverCashed.com says highest payouts we really mean it.  We
will fight to get you every dollar that we can and only keep a
reasonable handling fee for ourselves.

We never low ball the value of your silver.  Some unscrupulous buyers
will not give you a fair value for your silver.  We WILL give you the
absolute maximum payout we can.  Your payout will be based upon the
highest possible value of silver at the moment we liquidate it.  
"Get ridiculous payouts"
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